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The Education Division oversees all departments and programs that educate, train, or motivate our Tribal members to further their education or skills.

Choctaw education is committed to lifelong learning, to education as a means of assuring informed Tribal Citizens and to the enhancement of Choctaw culture and language. Choctaw education has become a critical element on our reservation, serving to support a successful Tribal government, economic growth, and individual self-efficacy.

Tribal Member Services

Tribal Member Services Division operates numerous essential services to Tribal members. From newborn, to families, to elders, these programs provide a variety of healthcare, safety, comfort, nutrition, recreation, and other functions essential to the quality of life in our communities.


The Development Division provides policy and procedural advice; guides overall Tribal planning; and assists in organizing, managing, controlling, and sustaining key administrative work for the Tribal Government. The Division collaborates with Tribal department directors and Tribal leaders to identify and address immediate and long-term needs and gaps in service; to increase accuracy, efficiency and accountability within all program operations and member services; and to help MBCI to increase good stewardship of Tribal assets and fiscal and human resources in a cost-effective manner for the benefit of MBCI and Tribal citizens.

The Development Division and its leadership is a strong and beneficial asset to MBCI departments as we all work together to improve Tribal Governmental operations and create Tribal strategies for successful outcomes. MBCI Development Division is continuously working to achieve the Tribe’s short-term and long-term goals that are established with the goal of improving the lives and livelihoods of all members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

The Development Division includes:

  • Choctaw Loan Program
  • Economic Development
  • Natural Resources
  • Public Works

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