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Halito! Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Mississippi Choctaw. We are immensely proud of our history and culture. I hope what you learn during your visit to our website moves you to want to make a visit to our Tribe.


Choctaw history goes back for centuries; however, much of that story has been lost. The history of the Choctaw is full of heartache and triumph. Our story has been one of unyielding determination to survive and succeed in the face of great obstacles, adversity and near extinction.

Tribal Government

The Choctaw Tribal government operates under the auspices of the Tribe’s constitution. Ratified in 1945, the Constitution authorized the Tribe’s separation from the state of Mississippi.

The Choctaw Tribal Government consists of two branches and a Tribal Court system. The Executive branch is led by the Tribal Chief and his administration. The Legislative branch is made up of a 17-member Tribal Council. The legislatively-established Judicial system is comprised of five lower courts and a supreme court.

The goal of the Tribal government has been to take greater control of its own affairs and rely less on the federal government to care for the needs of the Choctaw people.

Choctaw Princess

A tradition that started in 1955, the Choctaw Indian Princess is crowned each year on the first night of the Choctaw Indian Fair. The first official princess, Patsy Sam Buffington, was selected at the tender age of 12, thus beginning a distinguished legacy. The Choctaw Princess serves as the Tribe’s Ambassador.


Our traditions are alive and belong to the Chahta people, weaving their way through our lives like a basket pattern or dance step, remaining constant even as change comes to our Tribal lands. When we move through the steps of a social dance; bead pieces of artwork; sew together a shirt or dress; cut, dye and weave cane into a basket; cook traditional food; wear our Chahta clothing and beadwork; or toss a handmade stickball down a field, we form a special link between ourselves, our ancestors, and future generations.

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To learn more about the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, please make sure to first review the History, Tribal Government, and Culture sections of our website. We also have a Tribal Profile that provides information about the Mississippi Choctaw in booklet form. You can find that Tribal Profile here.

Presentation requests are reviewed on case-by-case basis. Most times we prefer to do presentations virtually, but if all COVID-19 precautions are met, we may be able to come to your location. If you are interested in a presentation, please fill out a Presentation Request Form.


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Planning a visit to Choctaw, Mississippi? We welcome you and have much to see and experience!

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