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Native American Sports Association (NASA)

"NASA is established to promote and insure a standard of excellence in the performance among Native American players and coaches. Also to enhance good sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, sobriety, and a good relationship with Native America."

NASA members host an annual basketball, fast pitch, and softball tournament. The location is rotated annually among the NASA member tribes. Members, as well as non- member tribes may participate.

Informational packets are sent to the NASA Board members from each Tribe so that they could distribute them to Tribal Members and form teams to play. The NASA Board is made up of five representatives of the five Tribes that make up the organization: Cherokee, Choctaw, Poarch Creek, Seminole, and the Seneca Indians. The packets include such information as the event flyer with dates and location, rules and regulations, local hotels and other accommodations, entry forms, rosters, and injury waiver forms.

2016 Nasa Basketball Entry Form

Board Members