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Natural Resource Conservation Service

Helping People Help The Land

The Role of the Mississippi Choctaw Field Office


The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has achieved over 70 years of experience working with private land owners across our great nation. Assisting American Indian Tribes and members with their conservation needs. We will provide planning leadership and technical assistance to help tribal governments and its members achieve their soil and water conservation goals as part of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Leadership and Its Importance:

NRCS has led the way to assist Indian Tribes even further by establishing office in Indian Country as defined by the U.S. Congress, the President of the United States and USDA - NRCS polices.

We know that Native American governments are sovereign nations existing within the boundaries of the United States and having special legal and political relationships with the United States.

We know and recognize that we will continue to consult with Indian Nations on a government to government basis and to make agreements for the betterment of natural resources, economic development, health, and educational needs.

We know and intend to deliver conservation technical assistance to Tribal governments and its members. To provide the basic foundation supporting cooperative and complementary conservation programs involving tribal, federal, state, and other local units of government.

We will assist in cost sharing programs to tribal governments and provided information about cost share or financial assistance for many of its members.