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ECCC Integrated Technologies Training Center

ITTC is a result from a partnership between East Central Community College and the MS Band of Choctaw Indians (MBCI) and is located in the Advanced Tech Parc on the MBCI Reservation at 375 Industrial Drive, Choctaw, MS.

This training facility features:
:: short-term technical classes (24 hours);
:: 5 levels (80 hours each) of an Industrial Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship program;
:: capacity to earn Industrial Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship credentials;
:: access to an on-line technical training library for Industrial Maintenance technicians;
:: financial assistance options for those interested in these training sessions.

HVAC Apprenticeship Flyer
Industrial Maintenance & Electrical Apprenticeship Flyer

Integrated Technologies Training Center
377 Industrial Drive, Choctaw, MS 39350