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Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety consists of the Choctaw Police Department, Choctaw Detention Facility, the Wildlife and Parks Program, and the Animal Control Program. These programs enforce Tribal, State, and Federal law on reservation lands. Although Federal Agencies are responsible for felony violations on the reservation.

The Choctaw Police Deparment conducts full investigations of felony cases, some are assisted by the FBI. All felony cases are then turned over to the United States Attorney's office for review. Tribal violations are handled through Tribal Court.

The Choctaw Detention Facility is responsible for the safe housing and care of inmates who are arrested or sentenced to serve time.

The Choctaw Wildlife and Parks Program handles the hunting and fishing regulations. They are also responsible for the parks and wildlife control.

The Choctaw Animal Control Program handles the domestic reports of wild animals loose in the communities.