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Dietary and Nutrition

The goal of Dietary and Nutrition Services is to provide clients with the best possible comprehensive nutrition services as a part of their total care. Meals and extra nourishments are prepared and served by a highly trained and qualified staff to all patients admitted into the Inpatient Department at CHC, as well as their guests and to paying customers.� Meals are attractively served, palatable, nutritionally adequate, therapeutically correct and culturally acceptable.� Registered Dietitians provide nutrition assessments and/or counseling.� Nutrition education is provided through verbal, visual, and hands-on demonstration to promote behavior modification.� The Dietitians provide individual, as well as group education, and counseling services in a variety of settings.� These settings include, but are not limited to, Choctaw Health Center, field clinics, the home, schools, and communities.� The Director of Dietary and Nutrition and two of the Clinical Dietitians are housed near the WWC.� The other Clinical Dietitian is housed in the Diabetes Management Center.� They provide individualized, clinical nutrition services to the clients visiting these centers, as well as nutrition education programs and in-services for various programs. These programs include topics such as breast-feeding, prenatal nutrition, diabetes meal planning, reading food labels, weight management, cooking demonstrations, etc.� They also provide in-services and education classes on similar topics to various groups in the community, such as the schools, Early Childhood programs and elderly nutrition program.

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