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Dental Clinic

Welcome to the Choctaw Health Department�s Dental Program. We are staffed full time by five dentists and twelve dental auxiliaries. Dental care is provided in four locations: Bogue Chitto Dental Clinic, Conehatta Dental Clinic, Red Water Dental Clinic and the Choctaw Health Center�s Dental Center.

The CHC Dental Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The dental clinic does not schedule patients from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. so that the staff may have lunch.

Due to the tremendous number of eligible patients that our clinics must serve, we have to limit the services that are available. The services we provide are as follows:


Routine dental care for children and adults will consist of prophylaxis (cleaning), education, exam, needed x-rays, restorations (fillings), and any necessary extractions. In limited cases, some endodontic work (root canals), dentures, partial dentures, and crown and bridge work may be provided. As a general rule, endodontics will not be performed on second molars except in special circumstances. Even then, it will only be performed in-house and not referred to an outside dentist. Patients needing orthodontic care (teeth straightening) will be advised of their needs; however, we may not be able to provide orthodontic services to patients.

The Choctaw Dental Program does not keep waiting lists of patients wanting routine dental care. All patients desiring such care should make an appointment for an exam with the Dental Support Assistant at the CHC Dental Center, or the Dental Assistant/ Dental Hygienist responsible for scheduling at their respective satellite clinics. If the appointment book is full, patients may be asked to return or call later to make an appointment. Once a patient has had an examination, they will usually be scheduled for a cleaning for the following visit unless there is a problem needing immediate care. Children will be given priority in the satellite clinics during the school year. This may require the scheduling of adult care to vary from time to time.


Patients who are having uncontrollable pain from their teeth or their gums need to sign-in at a dental clinic Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m. Those individuals will then be worked into the schedule for that morning or afternoon to alleviate the pain. The emergency services usually consist of extractions or temporary fillings. Patient's having uncontrollable pain on the weekend need to report to the emergency room of the Choctaw Health Department where pain alleviating treatment will be provided. The physician on-call will determine whether the emergency warrants calling the dentist on-call.


CHC Dental Center(601) 389-6202
Bogue Chitto Dental Clinic(601) 656-0060
Conehatta Dental Clinic(601) 775-3139
Red Water Dental Clinic(601) 267-8366
Choctaw Health Department
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