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Community Health Services

Community Health Services enables members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians to achieve optimal health by improving each individual's health knowledge, attitudes and practices. The responsibilities of community screening for health problems, health education, prevention and follow-up of medical care are accomplished through the services offered at the three primary field clinics. The program provides health education to patients alone and in groups and in patients homes. The program maintains major responsibilities for many specific programs including:

  • Audiology (Hearing) Screening for hearing problems is provided by an Audiometric Technician to kindergarten, first grade, third grade, twelfth grade and teacher and clinic referrals.
  • Optometry a licensed optometrist gives eye examinations and makes fittings, adjustments and minor repairs to eye glasses.
  • Tuberculosis surveillance staff screen for tuberculosis and follow-up on all persons exposed to assure appropriate care.
  • Diabetic retinopathy a screening program and a diabetic retinopathy registry is maintained by the staff. Once every year each person with diabetes is given an appointment for a diabetic retinopathy examination.
  • Sexually transmitted infection/disease screening, counseling, testing, treatment and contact investigation. Also available through this office are educational sessions regarding body maturation (Pre- through Post-Puberty), Abstinence, Pregnancy prevention, which may include condom education and distribution for tribal members at least 15 years of age or above.
  • The Public Health Nurse participates in the Post-Partum Home Visitation Program, in partnership with Women�s Wellness Clinic to perform a home visit on each newborn within at least 2 weeks of birth, to encourage breast-feeding, encourage completion of all necessary paperwork relative to Medical Chart opening, WIC, Medicaid, and any other assistance available for the newborn.
  • Public Health Nurse personnel participates in special clinics offered through Choctaw Health Center, satellite clinics, and other MBCI Tribal programs to provide health screenings, wellness topics, health education topics, as well as any identified health-related subject need of the Tribe, either individually or as a whole.
Choctaw Health Department
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