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Behavioral Health Center

The overall purpose of the Behavioral Health Program is to provide a resource for emotional, mental, behavioral and addictions services to the Choctaw communities. The primary goal of the program is to support the enhancement of life for those suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders, in turn creating healthier Choctaw communities. The ongoing mission of the program is to continue to enhance the quality of services provided, increase the utilization of services and optimize the functioning of program staff through training, coordination and sound development of procedures. The program provides an average of 1,800 direct service contacts, (e.g. groups, individuals, home visits, family educations and/or intervention), each month.

Scope of Activities

The program provides the following:

  • comprehensive intake and assessments
  • mental health treatment (children, adolescents, families, adults, victims of abuse)
  • specialized psychiatric services (diagnostics, medications, case management)
  • specialized trauma focused treatment services
  • addiction services (adult and adolescents/outpatient, intensive outpatient and referrals to contracted care for more intense services)
  • court liaison services
  • prevention services:
    • provides alternative prevention activities in all communities
    • coordinate a functioning community planning coalition
    • implementing evidenced-based prevention programming in middle school and boys and girls clubs
    • utilizing peer-educator facilitation for prevention programming
    • facilitating an elective course in the High School
  • 12-step/self help groups
  • psycho educational services (all tribal services)
  • community-based intervention services
  • crisis management services (reservation-wide)
  • specialized treatment services for Choctaw parolees
  • facilitate inpatient/residential contract and commitment services
  • provide cultural orientation training to contract care providers engaged in an ongoing effort to work in full collaboration with other human service programs on and off the reservation
Choctaw Health Department
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