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The mission of the coalition is to decrease substance abuse among Choctaw youth and the adverse effects of substance abuse in Choctaw communities. The coalition executes its mission by providing safe monthly drug free alternative activities to Choctaw youth and their families. The coalition forms a frame work for collaboration between service agencies, tribal communities, surrounding non-tribal communities, mental health, law enforcement, media, local businesses, schools, healthcare, parents and youth to provide positive activities and programs that educate and strengthen Choctaw families; thus resulting in a healthy, responsible, caring community.

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  • We Want You!* Join the CCPC team. CCPC is recruiting members to take an active role in the Choctaw community.
  • Take our survey* This survey will voice concerns that need to be addressed in your community.
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For more information contact Jeremy Chickaway (CCPC Coordinator) at 1-601-389-6268 or by email at jeremy.chickaway@choctaw.org.