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A requirement of the Tribal Government is that all new employees must be given orientation at the beginning of their employment. A representative from the Human Resources Office, Tribal Safety Office, and Risk Management Office shall give the administrative orientation to all new regular employees. The Department Head and Program Director should orientate each new employee about their program goals and objectives and their specific duties and responsibilities.

The following steps shall be followed for orientation of new employees by a Human Resources representative. On the first day of employment (if applicable), the employee must attend Administrative Orientation. The new employee will be given an orientation package by the Human Resources Representative containing, but not limited to the following:
-- Tribal personnel policies (for employee to keep).
-- Tax Forms
-- Employee Information Sheet (original placed in employee personnel file - no copies made).
-- New employee orientation checklist

At the time of orientation, the Human Resources Representative will explain the Tribal Personnel Policies to the new employee.

After receiving orientation, the employee will report to the Background Investigation Office to have employee identification badges made and fingerprints taken.

Human Resources
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