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Human Resources

Background Investigations

The Background Investigations Office will be responsible for the maintenance of investigative procedures and in hiring/firing threshold in accordance with the Tribal Personnel Policies.

Employee Badges

After employee orientation, the employee will report to the Background Investigation Office to have identification badges made and fingerprints taken. If for any reason, you need a new employee badge, contact the Background Investigations office at 601.650.7499.

Tribal Identification Cards - Eligibility

-- Only enrolled members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians may receive a tribal identification card.
-- Applicants must present their Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB)
-- In addition to their CDIB, the applicant must present one (1) government issued document from Column A AND one (1) from Column B.
-- Veteran Applicants must present their discharge papers to have the Veteran Status indicated on the tribal identification card. Presenting their DD-214 replaces the requirement from Column B below.
-- Tribal members under the age of 16 only need to present their CDIB.

Column AColumn B
Driver's licenseSocial Security Card
State identificationBirth certificate
PassportCHC Hospital Face sheet
Tribal IDDD-214 to indicate Veteran Status

Tribal Identification Cards - Cost

The fee is $10.00. Applicants must pay the Cashier at the Tribal Office and submit their receipt along with this application below to Background Investigations at the Tribal Office. Enrolled tribal members who are veterans or 57 years of age or older will be issued one card for FREE each time their card expires.

In the event the Tribal ID becomes lost, damaged, or you would like to change your information, the fee for a replacement card is $10.00.

An enrolled member may bring in their expired Tribal ID and receive a replacement card without needing to present backup documents so long as their information on the card is the same. The fee for an expired card is $10.00.

Please download, print, and fill out the application below and submit with the required items of identification listed above. All areas must be filled in completely and correctly to be issued an ID card. Upon completion, return to the Background Investigations Office located in the Tribal Office.

Tribal ID Card Application
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