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The Scholarship Program pledges to provide high-quality, pre-college counseling by: helping students explore majors and assisting with admission, housing and financial aid applications and the registration process at nearby colleges; making on-campus visits to monitor student progress and to assist in resolving problems; and providing financial assistance by using the Title IV Cost of Attendance from each college or university to set the scholarship award amount for each individual student.

Although most applicants seek financial assistance, this program provides a variety of post-secondary educational services. The scholarship is not need-based; however, students must complete the financial aid application process at the college to document expenses, resources and other financial aid that provide a basis for scholarship awards. This process includes completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Applicants seeking financial assistance must be an enrolled member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

Scholarship assistance is available at the bachelor, master and doctorate level, as well as technical degrees and a limited number of vocational programs of study. Students wishing to enter a technical or vocational program must file an application with the Vocational Education Program and Employment Assistance Program prior to receiving funding through the Tribal Scholarship Program.




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Scholarship Deadlines for applications and supporting documents

Fall Semester
May 31

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Oct 31

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March 31

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