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Housing Development

Scope of activities

:: Serve customers on a daily basis
:: Accept and process loan applications
:: Accept rental unit applications
:: Perform pre-qualification process for tribal members interested in home purchase or home improvement.
:: Provide personal budgeting and/or personal finance assistance to clients
:: Sale of tribally developed homes in each community.

Program Staff

:: Darlene Willis, Director
:: Sharon Brown, Bookkeeper
:: Ashley Stephens, Housing Office Manager
:: Patricia Baccus, Loan Processor
:: Marilyn Tubby, Payment Processor
:: Charlene Williams, Mortgage Counselor
:: Benjamin Stephens, Rental Manager
:: Mike Williamson, Assistant Rental Manager
:: Leshannon Ferris, Property Coordinator
:: Alicia Wesley, Teneant Counselor

A short description of the various housing programs are below. For more information, tribal members may contact 601.656.5496 and you will be directed to the appropriate staff.

Choctaw Housing Development Enterprise Program

Established in 1995, CHDE has established the River Oaks Subdivision, Dogwood Place in 2001, Tushka Place in 2006, and Pushmataha Place in 2007. The housing loans are 30 year loans.

BIA Housing Improvement Program (HIP)

Established in 1970s, the purpose of HIP was to administer BIA HIP funds to rehabilitate homes on reservation lands for low income families.

Choctaw Housing and Land Mortgage Program

This program was established in 1996 to direct financing for construction or purchasing of new homes on or near reservation lands.

Tribal Housing Rental Program

In 1995, the Tribe purchased mobile homes as rental units or lease/purchase to respond to a growing population of adults who wished to establish independent households but who were not yet prepared for homeownership.

Choctaw Intermediate Relending Fund

In 2008, the USDA offered loans at 2% for low income families to purchase new homes in tribally developed subdivisions on reservation lands.

Housing Development Program
Monday - Friday ~ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
(601) 656-5496