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Ittikana Ikbi 'Peacemaker' Court

"...it is a way to put back some of our people's way into this justice system"

The purpose of the Choctaw Itti Kana Ikbi Court, also known as Peacemaking is provided a forum for the use of traditional Choctaw methods of opposing parties to resolve disputes in a fair, informal, and inexpensive manner. Any ambiguity in the Itti-Kana-Ikbi Code shall be liberally construed to carry out its purpose of encouraging traditional Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians methods of dispute resolution without formal proceedings.


The Vision of Peacemaking is to provide a forum whereby all individuals who encounter conflict with others may be able to find a peaceful resolution to that conflict and end what may have become a violent confrontation or simply an adverse situation. It is also the vision of Peacemaking to bring families back together when adversity among family members, homes have broken up.


One major goal of the Peacemaking, is to save as many Choctaw families as possible from breaking up.


1. Focuses on Process "making things right" - "to repair"
2. Prayer is used initially and at the ending of process
3. Both Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction
4. Use of Customary and traditional law
5. Builds on trust and relationships to promote healing and restoration.
6. No attorneys representation by extended or advocate.
7. Talk and discussion are necessary native language can be used.
8. No Time Limit
9. The community right may supercede the individual right
10. Apology to victim, community, clan
11. Forgiveness- is essential
12. Enforceable as an Order of the Court
13. Can give full faith and credit or comity
14. Completion finished; not to be spoken again.