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Tribal Language Program

The Tribal Language Program's mission is to halt the rapid decline of the Choctaw language among our children by working with the Tribal Education System through trainings, language assisted classrooms, and mentoring programs; and also, Tribal members, parents and children through Immersion camps, Community literacy classes, translation services, and the development of the Mississippi Choctaw Dictionary.

Services Provided:

  • Community ~ Choctaw Literacy Class at various communities focusing on reading and writing the Choctaw language.
  • Translation of materials into the Choctaw language.
  • Awareness activities through various media outlet: Choctaw Community News, Choctaw Video Productions, and other organizations.
  • Language Services to the Division of Early Childhood Education: Choctaw Language Development and training Early Childhood teachers on immersion techniques, methods and strategies.
  • Staff Language Training: Speakers and Non-Speakers
  • Translation of Documents, forms, and other materials for Tribal Government and non-Tribal governmental entities.
  • Summer Choctaw Language Immersion Camps are held at two selected communities.