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Department of Chahta Immi

"Lifeways of the Choctaw People"

The mission of the Department of Chahta Immi is to inspire, promote, embrace, and enhance the Cultural heritage of the Choctaw People.

The Department of Chahta Immi (DCI) includes the following programs:

  • Tribal Language Program (TLP)

    The Tribal Language Program's mission is to halt the rapid decline of the Choctaw language among our children by working with the Tribal Education System through trainings, language assisted classrooms, and mentoring programs; and also, Tribal members, parents and children through Immersion camps, Community literacy classes, translation services, and the development of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Dictionary.

  • The Cultural Affairs Program (CAP)

    The Cultural Affairs Program was established in 1995 to promote and preserve the cultural traditions of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. The program's mission is to strengthen cultural knowledge among the Choctaw people and to increase public awareness of the tribe's history and culture.

  • Special Projects/Media Program

    The Department of Chahta Immi's Special Projects/ Media program provides support and services to the DCI entities, Tribal Programs, Tribal Members, and MBCI Partners with educational and promotional materials.

  • Chahta Immi Cultural Center (CICC)

    The CICC has been developed to showcase and provide cultural education through exhibitory on Choctaw Artforms. The Center includes the Archives Collection and the Institute of Chahta Immi.The MBCI Tribal Archives is dedicated to collect, preserve, and make accessible for research and educational purposes the permanent records and its culture materials regarding the historical and cultural identity of the Mississippi Choctaw.

  • www.choctawculturallegacy.com

    This special website is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuity of the Life ways of the Mississippi Choctaws. The Project is an effort of the Department of Chahta Immi's Special Projects / Media Program to highlight various aspects of the Choctaw Heritage as told by Tribal elders. As a result of this work we present a series of video features highlighting cultural traditions, a gallery of Mississippi Choctaw images, media resources, and CTEOHP partner links.