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The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians (MBCI) owns and operates a diversified portfolio of manufacturing, service, retail and tourism enterprises. The Tribe chose to develop for profit businesses to create jobs for its people, while also generating revenues to fund government services such as education, health care, police and fire protection among others. The success of those enterprises has allowed the Tribe to become more self-reliant while making significant economic contributions to the surrounding non-Indian communities.

Throughout Mississippi, the Southeast and even Mexico, the MBCI provides almost 6,000 permanent, full-time jobs for Tribal members and others (more than 50 percent of its workforce is non-Indian). With an annual payroll of more than $100 million, the Tribe is one of the 10 largest private employers in Mississippi. In addition, Tribal revenues have helped the Choctaw to reinvest more than $500 million in economic development projects in Mississippi