2013 Chahta Warriors

The Chahta Warriors are a Native American, FIRST robotics team. Team members working with mentors experience engineering, programming, website design, and 3D animation creation all within a six week time frame. Participating in regional events, each team has their own unique style and exchanges items that represent them. The Chahta Warriors exchange dream catchers to best represent their team motto, "So many dreams, So little time".

  • Daelin Daelin
  • Niko Niko
  • Micah Micah
  • Sydney Sydney
  • Tubbee Tubbee
  • Brian Brian
  • Allandra Allandra
  • Dallis Dallis
  • Deon Deon
  • Taloa Taloa
  • Kaylan Kaylan
  • Emily Emily
  • Kelly Kelly
  • Nick Nick
  • Ozzie Ozzie
  • Justin Justin