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"Pet Owner Responsibility"

Pet ownership is probably the most difficult responsibility next to parenthood. One would assume that taking care of a pet would be rather easy; however, it is quickly realized that owning a pet is rather difficult…not to mention extremely costly. Owning a pet is rewarding in that once you make that commitment to raise a pet, that pet gives you in return unconditional love, compassion, and loyalty. One thing that pet owners tend to forget is that each pet has its own personality and characters that may proved difficult to overcome. Obedience and training of that pet at a young age helps in changing bad habits and teaches that pet what is expected. Mischievous behavior like chewing up shoes, digging through trash bags, marking territory, tearing up landscapes, chasing cars and other bad acts can sometimes bring us to our breaking points, but we must remember that we must have patience and learn to teach our pets to change their habits. It's best to remember that raising and keeping a pet is not just a random spur of the moment thing to do. Much time and consideration must be placed in mind before even attempting to get a pet. Even determining what type of breed would best fit your home should be at the forefront of deciding to get a pet. Once all decisions have been made, your responsibility doesn't end there. Next is the time to pick out veterinarians, food brands, dishes, pet beds or compartments, kennels or fences, and other needed things. Once you get things squared away, I guarantee that your pet will reward you tenfold.

It is sad to point out, but in reality, much of this responsibility proves to be more than a pet owner can handle, which results in pets being discarded, abandoned, and neglected. Too many times has the Choctaw Animal Control come across pets that were gotten as puppies or kittens left to fend for themselves because they grew too big or became more of a nuisance than a treasured pet. Far too many times has the Choctaw Animal Control come across dogs that were abandoned because they began to develop mange and rather than be treated, they were just forgotten about. Time after time, the Choctaw Animal Control has responded to call only to have two or three additional animals being replaced for the one picked up. One time too many has the Choctaw Animal Control come across a dog with an embedded collar that was placed on it as a puppy left to suffer. Cases like these are hardening and bring forth emotions that reinforce the need to mold our pet owners to be more responsible.

The Choctaw Animal Control Office would like to point out that its mission is not to have to capture dogs or cats from a residence or neighborhood, but to work with pet owners to protect their pets as well as the property and the health of the neighborhood. Several tactics have been used to try and quicken the response time to a call. The Choctaw Animal Control has responded to complaints of aggressive or vicious dogs only to find a friendly dog that would rather love you to death than even attempt to bite. Other complaints responded to are that for "pitbulls" only to find a medium sized Labrador mix or even a Chihuahua. Our goal is to work with pet owners to make them more accountable for their pets. We encourage pet owners to have dogs and cats vaccinated and registered only to benefit the pet owners in protecting their pet assets and maintaining a record of health and accountability for your pet. All we at the Choctaw Animal Control ask if for complainants to be patient with us as we work with an extremely small staff and are dealing with call-ins and complaints on a daily basis. As you can imagine, daily calls can number in the tens to twenties and each calls is answered. You must understand that calls are responded in order unless an emergency comes up such as a dog attack or bite. We are working diligently to answer and respond to all calls.

There are ways that you as the public can help us in responding more effectively. Should you be a pet owner that wishes to or needs to surrender your pet, rather than call for us to pick up the animal, you could help by bringing the animal in to the Choctaw Animal Control Shelter. As responsible pet owners, make sure your pets are vaccinated and come in and register that pet. If you are a complaint and the animal you are calling about is one that you or someone in your family can catch, tying the animal up would help us remove the animal a lot quicker. There have been times when we arrive and the animal is not in the area only to return once we are no longer in the neighborhood. Provide suggestions on how we can provide our services better by coming to any meetings we schedule or by simply placing a call. Lastly, having your understanding that the Choctaw Animal Control is doing our best to respond to complaints in as timely a manner as possible would be greatly appreciated. For animal control complaints and/or issues, please contact the Choctaw Animal Control Office at 601-663-7900.

- Choctaw Animal Control