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Tribal Scholarship Program

Orientation Questions

TSP Orientation Questions on the Policy Manual and the Student Handbook
New Students Only

1. What happens if an application is received after the deadline to turn it in?

2. What happens to a student's application if all of the supporting documents are not in by the deadline?

3. To be classified as a full-time student, how many hours must a student carry at a minimum to be classified as such?

4. To be classified as a part-time student, what is the maximum number of hours a student can carry?

5. What is the tribal standard for meeting satisfactory academic progress?

6. What would cause a student to be placed on probation?

7. A student who is suspended from the program must remain out of the program for one(1) calendar year and do what?

8. A student can request a computer when one successfully completes how many hours of college work?

9. The Tribal Scholarship Program can pay for a proprietary or for-profit schools according to policy? (Yes/No)

10. Students eligible for living expense money must have the financial aid office at their college submit a completed document to the Scholarship Office. What is the name of the tribal document?

11. Students must do a FAFSA each school year, what does FAFSA stand for?

12. Primarily, a student/parent must have a completed federal document in order to do the FAFSA, what is the name of the document?

13. The amount of the Pell Grant that a student may be awarded must be repaid back to the federal government? (Yes/No)

14. All students must do a written essay in August or when they start school each year? (Yes/No)

15. To be eligible for living expense money, a student must score what or above on the ACT test?

16. According to the handbook, it is the responsibility of all Tribal Scholarship students to make regular contact with the Tribal Scholarship Staff on a regular basis. (True/False)

17. What is the FAFSA website address?

18. All full-time Tribal Scholarship students are required to submit what for every term that they are enrolled?

19. All students must submit what to the Tribal Scholarship Program at the end of every semester or quarter term?

20. It is the responsibility of all Tribal Scholarship students to ensure that their accounts are cleared at the end of every semester. (True/False)

21. The Tribal Scholarship Program will pay for student loans acquired by the student in college? (Yes/No)

22. A student receiving living expense money who becomes employed full-time or whose schedule falls below full-time will continue to receive living expense money? (True/False)

23. The Tribal Scholarship Program operates as a supplemental funding program? (Yes/No)

24. What is a Degree Plan?

25. If a student knowingly receives extra money through other loans, grants, or scholarships that cause them to have aid in excess of the cost of attendance at that college without notifying the Scholarship Office, then this student will be considered as what?

26. Will the Tribal Scholarship Program pay for graduation fee at the appropriate time? (Yes/No)

27. If the student Aid Report under FAFSA says that you have been selected for verification, what do you do?

28. For full-time working students and part-time students, what does the Tribal Scholarship Program pay for?

29. What kind of average will be used to determine satisfactory academic progress by the Tribal Scholarship Staff?

30. If a student is approved for Pell Grant, it is good for fall, spring, and summer each school year. (True/False)

Note: Download this document and send to the Tribal Scholarship Office via regular mail by the supporting document deadline with your signature. The Deadline to turn in will follow the supporting document deadline each term. This is for first time new students only!

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Scholarship Deadlines

Fall Semester
Full Time - May 31
Part Time - June 30

Spring Semester
Full Time - Oct 31
Part Time - Nov 30

Summer Semester
Full Time -March 15
Part Time - April 15

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