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Division of Early Childhood education

Director: Tina Routh tina.routh@choctaw.org 601.656.5251
Enrollment Specialist/Tech. Coordinator: Jennifer Henry jennifer.henry@choctaw.org 601.650.1716
Transportation/Facilities Coordinator: Ann Jim ann.jim@choctaw.org 601.650.1748
Budget Technician: Crystal Bell crystal.bell@choctaw.org 601.650.1710
Nutrition/Fitness Coordinator: Delilah Gibson delilah.gibson@choctaw.org 601.663.7591
Disabilities/Mental Health Coordinator: Melinda Jimmie melinda.ben@choctaw.org 601.650.1714
Human Resources Asst.: Darlene Patrick darlene.patrick@choctaw.org 601.650.1718
Health Coordinator/Nurse: Terrye Jackson terrye.jackson@choctaw.org 601.663.7664
Child Development Specialist: Ree Hickman ree.hickman@choctaw.org 601.650.1709
Child Development Specialist: Kim Stuart kim.stuart@choctaw.org 601.650.7355
Family & Community Partnership Coordinator: Glenda Denson glenda.denson@choctaw.org 601.650.1721
Receptionist: Taliciahn Jackson taliciahn.jackson@choctaw.org 601.650.1680
Bogue Chitto Early Childhood Center
Director: Lola Jackson lola.jackson@choctaw.org 601.656.7224
Secretary: Norma Willis norma.willis@choctaw.org 601.656.5835
Conehatta Early Childhood Center
Director: Agnes King agnes.king@choctaw.org 601.775.3845
Assistant Director: Victoria Billy victoria.billy@choctaw.org  
Secretary: Allison Smith allison.smith@choctaw.org 601.775.3845
Pearl River Day Care Center
Director: Angela Chitto angela.chitto@choctaw.org 601.656.9221
Assistant Director: Jessica Williams michelle.zeman@choctaw.org 601.656.9221
Secretary: Lisa Gurry lisa.gurry@choctaw.org 601.656.9221
Pearl River Head Start Center
Director: Michelle Hickman michelle.zeman@choctaw.org 601.650.1719
Assistant Director: Gwendolyn Hickman gwendolyn.hickman@choctaw.org 601.650.7497
Secretary: Latricia Martin latricia.martin@choctaw.org 601.650.1712
Pearl River Early Head Start and Infant & Toddler Center
Director: Selma Johnson selma.johnson@choctaw.org 601.389.2899
Secretary: vacant   601.663.0597
Red Water Early Childhood Center
Director: Christina Wilson christina.wilson@choctaw.org 601.298.9282
Secretary: Mia Tubby mia.tubby@choctaw.org 601.267.9261
Standing Pine Early Childhood Center
Director: Sharon Williams sbwilliams@choctaw.org 601.298.1580
Secretary: Jenna Tubby jenna.tubby@choctaw.org 601.298.1580
Tucker Early Childhood Center
Director: Royce Billy royce.billy@choctaw.org 601.389.2053
Secretary: vacant   601.389.2053
DOECE Main Office
P.O. Box 6010 ~ Choctaw, MS 39350
601.650.1680 ~ Fax: 601.650.1792
Monday - Friday ~ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm