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The Tribal Forestry Department is involved in all aspects of forest management. One area is timber harvesting. Tribal timber resources are managed to maintain long term forest health. In an effort to accomplish this goal, selective timber harvesting is don periodically based on current stand conditions. Community and industrial developments also increase timber harvesting activity.

Determining the timing and scheduling of timber harvests involves forest measurements such as tree diameters, heights and growth rates. The method of measuring trees is with a diameter tape.

The Forestry Program is also responsible for conducting prescribed burns, herbicide applications for site preparation, reforestation, timber stand improvements, and forest pest management.

Firewood Services

The purpose of this program is to provide firewood for indoor heat, therefore, an eligible applicant's home must have either a working fireplace or wood heater. Individuals who qualify under any of the criteria will be eligible for a maximum of four cords of wood subject to availability at no charge. This program is only available to members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

:: Elderly - 58 years of age and over
:: Head of Household permanently disabled
:: Female Head of Household -- All adult members of the household must be female and the Head of Household must be eligible for low-income energy assistance from the Department of Family and Community Services.

Families requesting firewood assistance must complete the attached firewood application. The application will be reviewed and processed by the Facility Building Coordinator in your community and the Assistant Director of Member Services. Please click the link below for the policies and application.

Firewood Service Application