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The Choctaw Museum was established in 1981 to share the Choctaw culture with visitors so that they can better understand and appreciate every aspect of the Mississippi Choctaw's way of life and to give insight into Tribal Government.

Services Provided:

  • Information Center into the history and government of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.
  • Provide tours for groups throught the Museum Gallery.
  • Craft demonstrations by Choctaw Artisans and Craftsmen.
  • Showcases Choctaw Culture, History, Government, and Traditional Artforms through exhibitory.
  • Research and Development for permanent, temporary, and traveling exhibits.
  • Work with Choctaw Artisans to develop artwork for original designs for souvenir items for retail.
  • Retail outlet for Choctaw Artisans and Craftsmen.
  • Pay-roll deduction and no interest applied for Tribal Employees.
  • Outreach Programs for cultural education through exhibits in local, regional, and national venues.
  • Partnership with other organizations around the state of Mississippi for awareness programs on Chahta Immi - Lifeways of the Choctaw People.
  • Choctaw Decor for Tribal Events, special functions, and promotions.
  • A venue for Tribal and non-Tribal filmmakers and photographers for documentaries, photos, graphics, and other media formats.
Choctaw Museum
Monday - Friday ~ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm