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Chahta immi Cultural center

***Opening Soon***

The CICC has been developed to showcase and provide cultural education through exhibitory on Choctaw Artforms. The Center includes the Archives Collection and the Institute of Chahta Immi.

Services Provided:

  • Information Center into the History and Culture of the Tribe.
  • Showcase the traditional artforms of the Mississippi Choctaws.
  • A place-based learning for Choctaw Artforms through exhibits, classes, and special events.
  • Promote Choctaw Language throughout the center.
  • A multi-media experience on Choctaw Artforms.
  • Showcase Choctaw Pottery and the revitalization of this artform.
  • Place-based learning:
    Mom's Morning Out – Monthly, Saturday 9 am – 12 pm.
    Summer Outdoor Events by the Pond
    Storytelling by Tribal Elders
    Regularly scheduled Events of Choctaw Artisans and Craftsmen
    Cultural Educational Programming.
  • Institute of Chahta Immi provides retail on Choctaw Experiences, Information on Mississippi Choctaws and a training area for learning Choctaw Language and Culture.